My Core Beliefs...

✓protecting the earth
connecting with nature
respecting our environment
innovation, design and simplicity
quality over quantity in all that I do
doing the right thing even when no-one is looking 
celebrating my mistakes because that's how I learn and grow

Potteur was born out of a love for plants & gardening and from finding solace in and around green spaces even from an early age. Throughout different stages of my life, plants have nurtured and taken care of me even though I thought I was taking care of them!  

I started creating my own wall art (plant themed of course!) because I ran out of room for houseplants in my home and to be honest there were some I just couldn't keep alive. But that didn't stop me enjoying those seemingly unobtainable beauties everyday - with plant wall art of course!

I produce digital art that's low impact on the environment - no shipping or mass production costs involved. At the forefront was the impact that mass production and raw materials had on the environment which is why I pivoted to digital art. I wanted to create art that was accessible and fun. All you have to do is download, print and display - it really couldn't get any more low impact. 

I love designing and creating joyful products to enhance our lives. I'm in my happy place when I'm creating. I get such a thrill out of knowing someone loves my designs enough to hang them in their home too.  It's a true honour and I thank you sincerely.